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Range Details

Non Authorized Rifles and Handguns

  • No Muzzleloader Rifles

  • No Shotguns

  • No 50 Caliber Rifles

  • No Fully Automatic Weapons

  • No BB guns

Range Lengths

  • 50 Yard: Trolley system 7 yards to 50 yards

  • 100 yard precision rifle range, required 4 power or above scoperequired ammo 2400 fps

  • 200 yard precision file range same as above

  • 300 yard precision rifle range same as above

Age Restrictions

  • Any individual under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult

  • Minimum age to shoot at the 50 yard is 6 year old

  • Minimum age to shoot at the 300 yard is 10 years old

Not Permitted

No steel cased, steel ammo, armor piercing or tracer ammunition, no black or green top

On the 300 yard, there are no red dots, Eotech's or dot type scopes allowed regardless of magnification. Some rifle calibers with accepted velocities may not be allowed due to their ballistic trajectory curve. no black powder or shot guns or fully automatic weapons