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Range Details

Range Rates:

  • 50 Yard Range: $5/hour per person. 

  • 300 Yard Range: $10/person for 2 hours. NOTE: range is called cold every 20 minutes to place target at different distances. 


  • Muzzloader Rifles, Shotguns, 50 Caliber Rifles, Fully Automatic Weapons, BB guns

  • Steel cased, steel ammo, armor piercing or tracer ammunition, no black or green top

  • 300yd non-authorized: red dots, ecotechs, or dot-type scopes, regardless of magnification. 

  • Some rifle calibers with accepted velocities may not be allowed due to their ballistic trajectory curve.


  • 50 Yard Range: Trolley system, 7yds - 50yds

  • 100-300 Yard Precision Rifle Range: REQUIRED 4 power or above scope, REQUIRED ammo 2400fps

Age Restrictions:

  • Any individual under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult.

  • 50 Yard: ages 6 and up

  • 300 Yard: ages 10 and up

Rules and Safety:

50 Yard Range

300 Yard Precision Range