Range Details

Authorized Rifles and Handguns

  • Rimfire
  • Centerfire
  • All Handguns
  • Any size up to .50 caliber
  • Rifles

NOT ALLOWED: steel cased, steel core, armor piercing or tracer ammunition; explosives (including uranium depleted bullets); bird shot or shotgun, black powder; OUTSIDE TARGETS.

Firearm Handling and General Range Safety Rules

  • All magazines downloaded for inspections.
  • All rifles with bolts should be opened or removed prior to entering the range.

Range Lengths

  • 7 yards to 50 yards
  • 100-yard rifle (precision rifle range)
  • 200-yard rifle (precision rifle range)
  • 300-yard rifle (precision rifle range)

Age Restrictions

  • The minimum age for shooters on the 50-yard range is 6 years old and must be supervised by an adult within the same booth.
  • The minimum age for shooters on the 300-yard range is 10 years old.
  • All other ages welcome.

Standard Operating Procedures